Make the Most of Your VMware Infrastructure

Virtualization helps you reduce expenses and increase your efficiency and agility. To optimize and apply virtualization strategies for your data center, you have to find the time, expertise and room in your IT budget.

Make it easier. For an introduction to virtualization implementation or for additional support to optimize your current environment, talk to one of our VMware certified experts. We’re here to help!

Start-to-finish service

Call us for your server, storage and virtualization solutions.

Get the help you need
Wherever you are in the virtualization process, we’re able to assist with suggestions, insights and strategies. As a VMware Partner, we ensure that you are getting the most from your virtualized infrastructure.

  • Server Consolidation
  • Performance Optimization
  • Business Continuity

Comprehensive service

  • When purchasing server, storage and networking hardware from Service Express, we can install and configure VMware, as well as your preferred operating system.
  • Upon completing installation, we can allow you to remote into your new machine before it ships. You can check that everything is working as expected – making physical installation and deployment as efficient as possible.

Virtualization and your data center

For specific needs, Service Express VMware certified engineers will help you with planning and execution. You can be more proficient in meeting your virtualization objectives.

  • Physical to virtual migrations
  • Performance tuning and optimization
  • Troubleshooting and more

Quick and effective

  • As an Enterprise Partner, we are able to assist you with acquiring the licensing that best suits your data center needs.
  • We offer the full suite of the VMware product line; every project, big or small, is the right size.

VMware Enterprise Solution Provider

Helping you with your journey into virtualization.

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