Cost-Effective EMC Storage Support

Before the final decision to make EMC’s SAN, NAS and/or Flash a part of your data storage infrastructure, time and planning was spent comparing features, outcomes and cost.

Yet when it comes to support, many IT decisions default to two OEM options: follow a 3-to-5 year refresh cycle or incur high post-warranty maintenance costs.

You have another option with third-party IT support. Talk to us to learn more about the many benefits we offer—including savings, ease of service and more.

Find More Flexibility for Your EMC Storage Support

User-friendly coverage that can improve your service experience and maximize your EMC investment with a longer working lifecycle.



Get more control of your EMC storage refresh cycle with support that extends the life of your equipment.


Reduce your support costs by 30-70% with service that offers more customized options for you.

Get more, spend less

Save 30-70% on your EMC storage maintenance.

Supported EMC Products

EMC Avamar

  • Avamar G2
  • Avamar G3
  • Avamar G4

VCE Vblock

  • Vblock 200
  • Vblock 300

EMC Clariion

  • CX Series
    • CX300
    • CX3-10 / CX3-20 / CX3-40
    • CX400
    • CX4-120 / CX4-240 / CX4-480
    • CX500
    • CX700

EMC Celerra

  • NS Series
    • NS120
    • NS20
    • NS40
    • NS480
    • NS80
    • NS960
  • NX Series
    • NX4
    • NX4-CS

EMC Isilon

  • IQ Series
    • Isilon IQ108NL
    • Isilon IQ12000X
  • NL Series
    • Isilon NL400
    • Isilon NL410
  • S Series
    • Isilon S200
  • X Series
    • Isilon X400
    • Isilon X410

EMC Symmetrix / VMAX

  • Symmetrix 3.0
  • Symmetrix 4.0/4.8
  • Symmetrix 5.0/5.5
  • DMX, DMX2, DMX3, DMX4
  • VMAX 10K, 20K, 40K

EMC Unity

  • Unity 300
  • Unity 600


  • VNXe3100 / VNXe3150 / VNXe3300
  • VNX5100 / VNX5200 / VNX5300
  • VNX5400 / VNX5500 / VNX5600
  • VNX7500 / VNX7600
  • VNX8000

*We continuously add to our supported products—if you do not see your equipment listed, please contact us.

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