Review Your HP-UX Support

You have continuous computing with HP-UX for your mission-critical HP servers. But it could be time to review how HP handles your support. Can you easily connect with an engineer for assistance with ordinary problems and complex issues?

Your service shouldn’t include phone trees and slow responses. For quick, reliable access to expert technical phone support, call your dedicated Service Express engineer for HP-UX assistance and answers.

Service First

Improve your HP-UX support and save 30-70%.

8x5 and 24x7 HP-UX support includes:

  • 15-minute engineer response call back
  • OS Recovery
  • Remote login and phone support
  • LVM including VxFS filesystem maintenance
  • MirrorDisk/UX setup and troubleshooting
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Online JFS maintenance
  • Dedicated HP-UX certified engineer

Professional Services for your HP Needs:

  • OS backups and recoveries using Ignite and fbackup/frecover
  • OS updates and upgrades from customer-supplied software
  • Server side SAN filesystem configuration
  • Npar setup
  • OS upgrades and updates from customer supplied software
  • LVM setup

Easy & Direct

No phone tree or mandatory Level One. Talk to your OS engineer within 15 minutes of placing your service call.

Proactive Service

Keep your systems running at top performance. We review system error logs and offer preventative health checks for you.

Status Updates

Remove the guesswork. Your OS engineer keeps you informed—from start to finish.

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