Maximize Support Savings and Performance
for Your IBM Network

If IBM’s SAN switches are meeting your networking demands, but you want to avoid the high maintenance cost of OEM support, you can choose a dependable alternative that saves you up to 70%.

Third-party maintenance with Service Express provides the support required to keep your IBM equipment working, as well as saving you the time and expense of refreshing your hardware. And even as your monthly maintenance overhead decreases, your satisfaction increases with a service delivery approach that is easy and effective.

Make a change

Save 30-70% on your IBM network maintenance.

Supported IBM SAN Switches / Routers:

  • 2005-B32
  • 2005-R04
  • 2005-R18
  • 2026-16E
  • 2026-224
  • 2026-32E
  • 2498-B24
  • 2498-B40
  • 2498-F48
  • 2499-192
  • 2499-416
  • 2499-816
  • SAN40B-4

*We continuously add to our supported products—if you do not see your equipment listed, please contact us.

What Are Your Objectives?

When it comes to your data center maintenance, you should have the last word. Your choices should include the best option based on performance, service and costs.

IBM Network Maintenance

At Service Express, we understand the challenges in the data center. We work to offer you exactly what you need, when you need it, at a competitive cost. Service first, satisfaction always.


Prepared to reduce downtime

Hardware maintenance calls for needed parts on hand. Locally stocking parts based on your IBM equipment speeds up resolution for you.

Knowledgeable resource

Call your engineer for your hardware issues, for recommendations, and for data center best practices. Strategize with a trusted, experienced partner.

User-friendly focus

We help you increase uptime, minimize paperwork, and reduce costs; you won’t call overseas, wait for responses or lock into coverage that isn’t the best fit for your data center.

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