Is Your Tru64 Support Flexible and Cost-Effective?

Tru64 has seen a lot of ownership changes, but even as a legacy operating system, it continues to work well for HPE AlphaServers and you rely on it in your data center.

For responsive phone support, Service Express offers technical expertise, user-friendly service and affordability.

8x5 and 24x7 Tru64 support includes:

  • 15-minute engineer call back
  • Remote login and phone support
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Performance troubleshooting
  • Annual preventative maintenance
  • User account troubleshooting
  • Dedicated OS engineer

Professional Services for your HPE needs:

  • OS Backups
  • Server side SAN filesystem configuration
  • Security evaluation and hardening

Exceptional support

A better option for your legacy OS and hardware needs.

User-friendly admin

Built-in flexibility. Need a customized billing statement? Just ask. Adding or deleting coverage – it’s done. No delays, no penalties.

The right start

Managing the details. Beginning with an extensive OS site audit, we have the relevant information to provide support when you call.

Trusted service

Certified and experienced. Your OS engineer specializes in Tru64 support. Call with confidence for any questions or issues.

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